Clover Lawns vs. Traditional Grass Lawns: 12 reasons clover lawns Amaze Homeowners

Lets talk Clover Lawn vs Grass, and the reasons Clover kicks… Butt.

When it comes to choosing the green carpet for your yard, the modern-age debate of clover vs. grass, or more specifically, clover lawns vs. traditional grass lawns, has sparked interest among homeowners.

Severe drought conditions and water shortages throughout the western united states and central Canada have forced homeowners to often re-think the decisions they are making in regard to their properties and lawns.

“xeri scaping” as it is now known, is the practice of creating back yard habitats which require little to no natural resources, such as water, to upkeep the lawn.

Further to this point, many have been starting to question whether or not grass “needs” to be the standard for back yards.

Is it just a matter of tradition? Or is it a vast conspiracy where the lawn industry has been peddling grass varieties for so long that we are continuously inundated with ads claiming the solutions for green pastures at home lie in “this next wonderful weed killer” and “Super Daves Amazing Lawn Fertilizer”. Not that I wasn’t to displace all the lawn workers and landscapers across north America… but is there a better choice?

I was faced with this choice, and through personal experience and research, I’ve discovered the unique merits of both. In this article, we’ll delve into the vibrant world of clover and traditional lawns to help you make the best decision for your outdoor haven.

I will preface the list by saying: that I choose clover, I’m biased, but I will admit it works best when combined with grass, not as a total replacement.

Don’t worry though, the benefits are still there and YES you will have to mow less.


Section 1: Clover Lawns – A Different Green

Exploring Clover Lawns vs. Regular Lawns

Clover lawns offer a refreshing twist to the traditional green landscape. Let’s dive into the unique qualities of clover lawns.

  • It’s a different “type” of leaf, and this all comes down to taste
  • The texture of the lawn is different, clover providing homeowners with a wave and a ripple across their property where lazer cut grass stands tall and stiff.
  • You wont get the rich bluish green colors with clover, and to some that “Kentucky blue grass” is paradise on earth.


Section 2: Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Clover Lawns vs. Traditional Lawns: A Greener Choice

If you’re like me and have an eco-conscious side, you’ll appreciate the sustainability of clover lawns. Unlike traditional grass lawns that often demand excessive water and chemical fertilizers, clover is drought-resistant and naturally enriches the soil with nitrogen.


Section 3: Low Maintenance and Less Mowing

Clover Lawns vs. Regular Lawns: A Breezy Lawn Care Routine

Mowing the lawn can be a weekly chore, but not with clover lawns. Clover stays naturally short, which means fewer mowing sessions and more time to relax with a lemonade in hand (or a beer..)

Clover does take some work initially though! To dwarf the plant we have to mowe it constantly for a couple weeks to “train” the stems to reach far and wide, rather than long and tall.


Section 4: Thriving in Various Conditions

Clover Lawns vs. Traditional Lawns: Adapting to Your Yard

One of the significant advantages of clover lawns is their adaptability. Whether your yard is kissed by sunlight or provides pockets of shade, clover can thrive in diverse conditions. Moreover, it’s impressively resilient against pests and diseases. See our article about Drought Stress for more.


Section 5: A Pollinator’s Paradise

Clover Lawns vs. Regular Lawns: A Blooming Attraction

Imagine a lawn teeming with life as bees, butterflies, and other pollinators are drawn to the delicate clover flowers. Clover lawns become a haven for biodiversity, contributing to the health of our ecosystem.


Section 6: Allergen-Friendly and Pet-Safe

Clover Lawns vs. Traditional Lawns: A Healthier Option

For those with allergies or furry friends, clover lawns offer a breath of fresh air. Unlike traditional grasses that release allergenic pollen into the air, clover pollen is heavier and less likely to cause allergies. It’s also pet-friendly, enduring the playful romps of your four-legged companions. A simple mowing can curtail the growth of the flowers and is somewhat seasonal in bloom anyways.


Section 7: Budget-Friendly and Sustainable

Clover Lawns vs. Regular Lawns: Counting the Savings

As you evaluate the financial aspect, you’ll discover that clover lawns are budget-friendly. Reduced water usage, elimination of synthetic fertilizers, and lower maintenance costs can lead to significant savings.


Section 8: Varieties of Clover for Your Lawn

Choosing the Perfect Clover Variety

Considering clover for your lawn? Great! But which variety should you choose? White clover (Trifolium repens) and microclover (Trifolium repens var. Pirouette) are popular choices, each with its unique characteristics.


Section 9: Planting Your Clover Lawn

Clover Lawns vs. Traditional Lawns: The Installation Process

Transitioning from a traditional grass lawn to a clover lawn is simpler than you might think. Prepare the soil, select your clover, and sow the seeds. It’s a straightforward process with satisfying results. The seed, as mentioned above, works best with traditional grass as a growth partner.


Section 10: Nurturing Your Clover Lawn

Clover vs. Grass: Lawn Care Differences

Maintaining a clover lawn is delightfully hassle-free. Unlike traditional lawns that demand frequent watering, clover can withstand drought conditions. Occasional mowing to keep it looking neat and some light weeding are the primary maintenance tasks.


Section 11: Aesthetic Appeal – Clover Lawns vs. Traditional Grass Lawns

Clover Lawns vs. Regular Lawns: A Visual Delight

Let’s talk aesthetics. Traditional grass lawns offer a uniform, manicured appearance. In contrast, clover lawns feature lush, low-growing clover interspersed with delicate flowers. It’s a charming and relaxed meadow-like landscape that captures the eye.


Section 12: Making the Decision – Clover or Grass?

Choosing Your Green Carpet

In the final face-off of clover vs. grass, the choice boils down to your priorities. If you value sustainability, low maintenance, and the allure of a pollinator-friendly haven, then a clover lawn might be your green paradise.


Too Conclude!

As you navigate the world of clover lawns vs. traditional grass lawns, remember that both have their merits. Traditional grass lawns offer timeless beauty, but clover lawns bring a refreshing perspective, emphasizing sustainability, low maintenance, and environmental friendliness.

The choice is yours, and it’s a choice that transforms your outdoor space into a green sanctuary aligned with your values. Whether it’s the uniformity of traditional grass or the meadow-like charm of clover, your lawn is your canvas to paint with your green dreams.

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